This super-soft Falkland roving from Ashland Bay is a bouncy, soft, fun spinning or felting fiber for beginners and advanced fiber artists alike. It is also a great choice for those who are concerned about chemicals used in wool because there aren't any with Falkland wool!


Price is per ounce of fiber. (16 ounces = 1 pound)


From Ashland Bay's description: "Micron 26, staple length 4-6 inches, 100-115 mm. The base flock of the Falkland wool is Corridale, Polwarth and Dohne Merino. These breeds were developed for dual purpose, meat and wool production, and are selectively bred for the ability to survive in the harsh climate of the Falkland Islands. The upside of the harsh climate is that insects and disease associated with them are not a problem. The wool is almost guaranteed to be chemical free. Since there are no known sheep diseases in the Falkland Islands, the sheep are never dipped and never go through mulesing."

Falkland wool roving, white

SKU: F025
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