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These skeins are 2 plies of black Merino sheep wool and dyed silk in rich jewel tones: purple, green, orange, and gold. The colors are the same for both of these, but the yarns were spun at different times, leading to a slightliy different gauge.


Skein 1 (Y101): 440 yds., fingering thick & thin (2), $62
Skein 2 (Y102): 418 yds., light fingering/lace (1-2), $60


We are a nonsmoking farm, and while we do our best to make sure that the yarn only contains the fiber listed, the occasional cat/dog/horse hair does also tend to get into the darnedest places. We also do special requests! Prices are based on type of wool and skein yardage.

Merino Wool/Silk Handspun


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