These travel mugs are not only pretty to look at with handknit photography on the outside, but functional in more ways than one! In addition to holding 16 oz. of your choice of crafting fuel (not included), the insert includes a single-skein knitting pattern! Each pattern can be made with less than 200 yards of worsted, sport, or fingering weight yarn. Pair with a skein of my yarn for a great gift idea!


The Pigtail Toque ("tuke") pattern is an advanced-beginner level knitting pattern, using straight or cabled needles in size 8. The sample hat was knit with approximately 140 yards of light worsted weight Merino yarn.


The pattern includes yardage requirements, clear instructions for knitting the hat as pictured, and a photo of the sample hat, as well as notations for customizing the hat to fit your preferences.

Would you like one that's already finished? I have one for sale right here.


Fine print: Please consume contents responsibly. Horse 'n' Round Studio is not responsible for user's actions while under the influence of adult beverages, caffeine, wool, or other substances.

Pigtail Toque

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