Suffolk sheep are a British heritage breed. Suffolks are typically raised for meat, but they can also produce a fairly soft wool that is still sturdy and fun to spin. It retains warmth well in its squishy, cozy depths. Most US breeders produce white Suffolk, but this natural Suffolk roving comes from the UK. It produces a cozy yarn that is perfect for outerwear. It will also felt with ease.


Price is per ounce of fiber. (16 ounces = 1 pound)


Description from World of Wool: "The Suffolk sheep is a UK breed and is classified as short-wool and down. Its dense fleece is suited to knitwear and any other application where a good bulk is required. 35-40 Microns, average length of 75-80mm [approx. 3"]. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses."

Suffolk wool roving, natural

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