Several sheep standing in a pasture. Some are sniffing a basket of handspun yarn, and some are looking at the camera.

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Horse 'n' Round Studio logo: a draft horse over a spinning wheel, like an old-world pub sign
Garden Lattice shawl modeled by Taylor Tomblin in Viking garb

Another New Pattern!

The Garden Lattice Shawl has been in my head for many moons. Now I can finally share it with the world!

This shawl is lightweight but warm, can be knit in any size of yarn into any size of shawl your desire, and it's nearly as fun and addictive as my Gridlac Shawl pattern. (Just one more, just one more!)

It is available in both a downloadable PDF and a print version. 

A sample calendar linking to Horse 'n' Round Studio events calendar

Event Calendar updated Aug 22, 2022

We now have an official event calendar up! All the same information, just in a more customizable format.


Visit us this year at one of these events if you're in the area. We will have our entire selection of handspun yarn, handmade shawls, other accessories, brooches, original patterns, and more!

We are still following appropriate safety precautions at all events.

Blog Updates

Do you have burning topics you'd like to see in the blog, questions to be answered, or other random musing subjects? Let me know!

Beautiful handspun yarn

Studio Open for Shopping
We are returning to a show schedule, but we are still open by appointment for shopping and pickups!


Make an appointment today.


All current state mandates with masks and social distancing apply, as appropriate, to make sure everyone can feel comfortable and safe.

We offer many options to get your fiber fix!

1. Events! (See the schedule!)

2. Studio or gate-side pickup

3. Limited local delivery

4. Shop here online, or visit us on Facebook or 
Instagram to follow or to place an order.

5. We still take commissions! Looking for something in a particular color, fiber, shape, or just something extra special? Contact us today to see how we can help.