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Pattern Errata

We are all human and make mistakes. We apologize if this caused any confusion.


If you have found an error in any of our patterns that is not listed below, please do let us know!

Swedish Band Loom

The following changes were made to the pattern on August 7, 2022:

Addition of a Tools list.

  • Wood saw

  • Hack saw (for bobbin axle)

  • Jig saw (for bobbin face; not strictly necessary as that doesn't have to be precisely round)

  • Measuring tape

  • Drill

  • 1/16" drill bit (Suitable for metal)

  • 1/4" drill bit

  • 3/8" drill bit

  • 3/4" drill bit

  • 1" drill bit

  • Spoke Shave/Draw Knife (for rounding the warp leg)

Inch measurement indicator missing for the Bobbin Leg axle.

         Bobbin Leg—1½”x 1½” x 34” (16” for table model)—Four holes for the ¼” dowel pegs/bolts. One hole for the ¼” pawl pivot, and one hole for the ⅜ bobbin axle.

Notes added for the Bobbin Body Dowel.

         This requires a ⅜” hole drilled through its length. This may be tricky, depending on the length of your drill bit or woodworking skill. Sections of PVC pipe, glued together to get a 1” outer diameter and a ⅜” inner diameter, will also work.

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