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The tradition of the Advent Calendar as we know it today dates back to the 19th century. Marking the days before Christmas has also been done with wreaths, candles, and several other traditions throughout Western cultures.


I decided to create an Advent Calendar without numbers. There are still 25 pockets, with the final pocket being the largest and set apart, but in today’s nontraditional world, not everyone celebrates the holidays in the same way. You are free to create and decorate your version of this pattern in any colors you choose! Make it using cozy colors as I have done, create one in traditional bright Christmas colors, or create a lovely blue and white for Chanukah, even in black, white, and orange if Halloween is your exciting holiday of choice!


I have included a couple of blank charts for you to get creative in creating your own ornament stitch patterns. I encourage you to have fun and make this calendar something special for your family. If you feel inclined, please do share your versions with us at Horse ‘n’ Round on Ravelry, Instagram, or Facebook.


Knit on!

Country Christmas Advent Calendar (knit - printed pattern)

SKU: P010
  • This is for the printed version of the pattern.

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