Band weaving has a long history in many cultures, with many tools, and is often done with a loom specific to the region. The bands, or tapes as they are sometimes called, are very strong and can be used for ties, trim, lacing, and more.


The traditional Swedish style band loom can be used for either inkle weaving or card weaving. It is somewhat portable and can hold an enormous warp length, depending on your chosen warp thread. (We haven't hit a limit yet in using it!)


These plans include two variants, a floor model and a tabletop model. It is designed to be ambidextrous, with removable heddle bars so that it can be used for tablet weaving or with proper heddles.

Swedish Band Loom (woodworking)

SKU: P009
  • This is for the printed version of the pattern, which includes tabloid-sized blueprints.

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