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Welcome to your next lightweight spindle. This is a 10" top-whorl spindle, handpainted in matte gold, white, and black acrylic paints then sealed to protect it from moisture and dings. Because they are not lacquered heavily, there is enough grip to be able to hold the yarn and handle and flick the spindle without throwing it all over the room.


These spindles are lightweight (around 0.4-0.5 oz), balanced, long enough to park for drafting if you need to, and weighted enough to keep spinning for a little while if you're a more advanced spindler.


If you have never used a drop spindle before, I recommend YouTube, and the wealth of information found therein! That's where I learned, and eventually decided that the world needed more affordable spindles that were still decorative. These are made from oak, pine or poplar dowels and wood rosettes. We sand and drill what needs to be sanded and drilled, and then the painting and staining fun begins!


I hope you have as much fun spinning on it as we do making them all.

Comic Sans Small Drop Spindle

SKU: S078