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How to Make a Lucet Cord

Updated: Mar 20

A lucet is a Viking age tool for making braids or cords. It is similar to spool knitting or corking. The cords can be used for bodice laces, trim, ties, shoelaces, packaging ribbon, or any other purpose you can think of.

You can use any kind of string or yarn for lucet braiding, but a smooth thread, like crochet cotton #10 or #3, is recommended for your first braid.

Instructions for getting started:

For these instructions, it doesn’t matter which prong you start on or which direction you turn the lucet, as long as you are consistent within the braid.

1. Hold the tail against the handle of the lucet. (This tail can go through the hole in the lucet to help maintain tension.) Then bring the working yarn up to a prong.

2. Bring the working yarn around the prong, into the center, then over the top of the other prong. You are beginning a figure-eight.

3. Bring the working yarn around the prong, into the center and over the first prong. The figure-eight is complete.

4. Now bring the first wrap up and over the new wrap and pull the thread to tighten in the middle.

5. Turn the lucet once.

Pick up the lower loop, bringing it up over the lower loop, over the prong, and drop it in the middle.

6. Keep turning and picking up loops, gently tugging the loops as you go to tighten the braid in the center.

7. To finish the braid, cut the working yarn and work 2 more turns, bringing the end through both loops.

The braid as it begins to form:

Continue this process, always turning in the same direction, until the braid is as long as you want it. Then cut the yarn or string and bring the end through both loops to tie off the end.

You have a lucet braid!

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