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Spin Together: Camaraderie and Optional Competition

Updated: Mar 20

While we are the midst of Tour de Fleece, a spinning challenge held during the weeks of Tour de France, many spinners are also getting excited and ready for Spin Together.

What is Spin Together?

Spin Together is a one-week international event where spinners can challenge themselves and compete, either individually or on teams, for a variety of prizes. Many spinners challenge themselves to finish spinning an entire fleece, spin their way through an appreciable amount of their stash, or simply work on perfecting a technique.

Awards are given for novelty yarns, most yards spun for the week, and more. Within the teams, there may be additional awards, but there is always encouragement and teaching along the way.

Individual small businesses, like myself and many others, donate the prizes to help sponsor the event.

How does Spin Together work?

Teams are formed by the end of August. These teams are spinning circles, yarn shops, small businesses, and other communities that would like to form to help encourage their spinners. Beginning September 1, individuals can sign up for any team you wish, even in another country. There is a small fee of $15 that goes to the organizers to help defray the costs of administrating everything.

On Saturday at noon (Oct 3, 2020), the competition begins. It continues until the following Saturday at noon (Oct 10, 2020). Spinners have until the following Wednesday to tally their yardage and take photos to submit to the team captains or the organizers. The winners are announced a few days after that. (Details are on the website,

In order to keep things fair, spindle spinners, e-spinners, and wheel spinners are judged on yardage separately. Throughout the week, however, everyone is encouraged to submit photos, progress, questions, and encouragement either in the Facebook group or in the Ravelry group (if you are able). It is always fun to see what other spinners are doing.

Where do you sign up?

Sign-up happens throughout the month of September. Signing up as early as possible is encouraged in order to get to know your teammates and team captains, but there is no penalty for signing up at the last minute either, other than your chosen team may fill up. (But there are always more to choose from!) You will be emailed a welcome by your team captain within a few days of signing up.

And it's as simple as that! If you are interested, you can sign up on the Spin Together website. Signing up and paying the fee is not required if you simply want to join the Facebook or Ravelry groups to follow along. It is only required to submit your yardage and photos for awards and door prizes.

I hope you will join us this year!

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